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Becoming a mining company with great projection and development established on the sound bases of a higher-standards company.




Carbhid is a mining company that fully complies with current regulations and contributes to social development through responsible management, committed to the community and the environment.




  • Honesty and Reliability

  • Fair and Ethical Actions

  • Professional Integrity

  • Positive Attitude




  • Professional Suitability and Experience

  • Qualified Technical and Operational Personnel

  • Moral Standing

  • Respect for People and Communities

  • Objective and Clear Decisions

  • Social Awareness and Responsibility

  • Open Communications

  • Environmental Protection





To generate wealth for country, regions, investors and employees through efficient and responsible production of  natural resources.




CARBHID SAS is composed by a human team whose permanent goal is to learn, grow, improve and develop to ascend to higher and more integral and competitive stages. The Company  acknowledges that the staff (employees and workers) are its best and most effective ambassadors to government and society. The Company has implemented behavior policies that lead each member of the organization to be increasingly successful at achieving his own and Company goals. In this manner, a superior image of CARBHID will be projected, leading to make of it a business milestone, developing and promoting business growth with flawless professional performance. In this way, there will be a positive contribution to the welfare of Company, workers, partners and associates. Our business achievement will be framed by the application of faultless, respectful and courteous behaviors, exercising good moral and business manners at every level, within and outside the business environment.




  • shall maintain the highest personal and professional profile to project a superior image of themselves and of the Company in all personal, social and work activities.

  • Shall avoid commitments that will generate conflict with the business objective of the Company or that will damage the employee or Company image.

  • Shall assume attitudes of ongoing preparation and personal growth.

  • Shall refine their manners and exercise extreme respect towards others and communities.

  • Shall defend the honor of the Company and that of workers, partners and associates.

  • Shall participate in the construction of a better society, contributing to community development, protecting the environment, living in harmony with others, attempting to understand the world and life, acknowledging and developing their physical, mental and spiritual dimensions, and conveying properly the objectives of the Company.






CARBHID SAS shall not make contributions (direct or indirect) to any illegal group. Likewise, it shall not make questionable contributions to any political party, committee or candidate, in relation to election campaigns. CARBHID SAS shall not make any payment to or in benefit of a provider, customer or other business associate that could be reasonably interpreted as a means to influence inappropriately a commercial decision made by such provider, customer or other business associate. CARBHID SAS shall not participate directly or indirectly in any corrupt activity to bribe government officials or others for the purpose of influencing an act or decision on the part of such agents, or inducing them to use their standing to affect or influence any act or decision by third parties to assist CARBHID SAS in obtaining, retaining or conducting business. CARBHID SAS shall not hire any government official or worker if such hiring contravenes in any manner the government duties of such person. CARBHID SAS staff (workers, employees, shareholders, partners, management, or their agents and representatives) shall refrain from accepting money, loans, entertainment, travel, presents or any other significant gifts from their providers, contractors or subcontractors for the purpose of obtaining benefits in the contracting process.





CARBHID SAS considers a priority the implementation and continued development of Occupational Health and Environmental Protection Programs. The occurrence of occupational diseases and work accidents within the Company will be prevented through the setting up of promotion, information and prevention programs, with the objective of protecting the workers from hazards inherent to the work environment and maintaining the highest level of physical and mental wellbeing. In the environmental aspect, CARBHID SAS will identify and assess the environmental impacts generated by its activities and will set environmental objectives and goals, developing effective programs to achieve them. CARBHID SAS will perform its tasks and operations following the guidelines set forth in the Occupational Health and Environmental Protection Program management system for the purpose of protecting its workers, contractors and subcontractors, the communities, the general public and protecting the environment preventing any property damage. All workers are responsible for promoting a safe and healthy work environment, complying with prevailing legal regulations issued by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of the Environment. CARBHID SAS expects its workers and contractors to commit to the Occupational Health and Environmental Protection programs to improve performance in these aspects.



CARBHID SAS was registered by Achilles (Colombia) -  as a mineral coal provider. This registry is a certificate of guarantee for CARBHID´s clients demanding from the company high operational standards and managerial responsibility which, in turn, makes partners and employees committed and proud.

CARBHID SAS and TERRENOS DIGITALES SAS entered into a Strategic Partnership to offer leading edge Products and Services and facilitating virtual access to any area for the purpose of executing adequate project planning processes without intervention of the land. These are particularly useful tools to acquire, IN A MATTER OF HOURS, excellent quality and first-hand information in areas with access limitations of topographic, ethnic or any other nature. More information in our Products and Services section.


If you wish to work for CARBHID SAS, please send your resume to Transversal 60 (Avenida Suba) No. 115-58, Torre A, Oficina 707, 111111, Bogotá, Attention Ms. Marleny Meléndez, Tels. (571) 702 2636, (571) 805 7102. E- mail:


Products and services offers are welcome at Transversal 60 (Avenida Suba) No. 115-58, Torre A, Oficina 707, 111111, Bogotá, Attention Mrs. Marleny Meléndez, Tels. 702 2636, 805 7102. E-mail: